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Not much to add here.  We killed the bad guy.  Fun Boss, Fun Tier, Fun Patch, Good Game!  Wooo ToS!

CloudedInSanity This post has such a sad tone. 🤔

Helya... Hell no.  Post-Nerf and Proud.  What was supposed to be an intermediate, short raid instead turned into 414 wipes on a painful boss.  Neverthelesss, it's done now and another one for the books.  Nighthold anyone?

CloudedInSanity Title game 10/10. Even managed to get some class fantasy in the picture.

Odyn OD'd, 1/3 M ToV

Celdrid a posted Nov 18, 16


WindowsXP posted Oct 24, 16

CloudedInSanity Man, you just had to show me getting meme'd by brambles.
Stumma The transitions were stellar.
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