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Dsy Chat [80]
Wed at 3:46
i was just about to link that lmfao
Thu at 0:18
Thu at 0:43
how much do we sell the arch mount for?
Thu at 3:28
I used to pull entire dungeons with barrage, now I do it with cinderstorm
Sat at 2:42
Testing at raid time - Sunday, July 31st.
Sat at 4:18
Yea I saw that kara, but does it really matter? ( Im genuinly asking lmao ), dont you have to finish off the majority of the zones to get world quests activated anyways?
Sat at 5:38
Ok.... so Im killing 1st boss in URBS and pull all trash before dragon boss down there with starfall
Sat at 5:44
you need friendly with every rep (besides nightfallen) to unlock world quests and friendly nightfallen unlocks the suramar ones
22 hours ago
did they release t18 set bonuses?
20 hours ago
Isn't t18 HFC? If you want to see nighthold tier bonuses, you can go to wowhead database>item sets>class and it'll be at the top
15 hours ago
Melchey did they change that?
14 hours ago
no idea :^)
13 hours ago
You use to have to be friendly with Nightfallen to unlock world quests.
12 hours ago
You need friendly with nightfallen to unlock suramar world quests
3 hours ago
unless they changed it its one quest to unlock world quests in general
3 hours ago
which is friendly with all reps
2 hours ago
oh thank you sylith, yeah I meant t19
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Welcome to Dsy Chat



The final stretch of HFC is upon us as we close out Warlords and make preparations for Legion.  Only a few months to go!  We are still recruiting most things right now, although with the intention that you might be required to reroll to something more favorable in Legion.  We primarily are just looking for good, reliable players with good attitudes that mesh well with the rest of us.  Don't be afraid to toss up an app if any of that describes yourself.

At this stage in the game, we are also pretty much selling everything from Gold Challenge Modes to any and all Mythic HFC encounters including the Mythic Archimonde Felsteel Annihilator mount.  If you haven't already and are interested, be sure to check out our sales page at the top to sign up for a run or get with Stumma#1592 or Celdrid#1865 directly.  Sales usually take place on every Tues.

See you in Legion!

Lala Your face needs to reroll. OOOOOOO
CloudedInSanity I was very excited about this post until you said 19 more weeks of HFC.

303 wipes finally resulted in the kill and a satisfying conclusion to WoD.  This tier has come to be one of the most difficult and grueling experiences for me personally, and I'm incredibly thrilled that it's done.  Numerous, never-ending roster issues combined with a lengthy and challenging raid instance has marked Hellfire Citadel as a true accomplishment to overcome.

Great job to the entire raid team for making our top 20 goal a reality.  Raiding with you guys has been a pleasure over the years, and although we've had our ups and downs, we always seem to find a way to endure till the end.  It's easy to overlook the memories and good times that we've created and drown them out with the bad ones instead.  In the end though, raiding in WoW really can be quite amazing and rewarding.  I'm happy to have been a part of it.  Special thanks to Aiurus for putting up with my crap and becoming such an essential key to our success.  We really could not have done it without you.

Onwards to Legion I guess!

Leiden I think sometimes people forget just how hard converting to 20 man was. So many guilds from t16 have died in WoD and Ds...
Balanced WHOS CUTTING LE ONIONS funny reddit meme amirite

Minimemage a Woo! Good job!
Naarius Congrats on the kill, guys

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