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Helya... Hell no.  Post-Nerf and Proud.  What was supposed to be an intermediate, short raid instead turned into 414 wipes on a painful boss.  Neverthelesss, it's done now and another one for the books.  Nighthold anyone?

CloudedInSanity Title game 10/10. Even managed to get some class fantasy in the picture.

Odyn OD'd, 1/3 M ToV

Celdrid a posted Nov 18, 16


WindowsXP posted Oct 24, 16

CloudedInSanity Man, you just had to show me getting meme'd by brambles.
Stumma The transitions were stellar.

Last boss?  More like first boss.  Xavius may have been a disappointment, but the first raid is now behind us after only 7 nights of progression.  We will have to see if Gul'dan puts up more of a fight.  Huge shoutout to Wilford Brimley for pushing us to be better and better and helping us snag that top 15 spot in the US.  Hel ya!

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