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Tue at 20:44
Tue at 23:49
will suck dik to play overwatch
Wed at 0:37
did another wave of beta invites go out or did they just turn it back on so far?
Wed at 0:56
they sent out another wave
Wed at 0:56
that was supposedly "bigger or equal to our biggest wave so far"
Wed at 0:58
Thu at 14:11
looks like they upped the artifact to 12/12
Thu at 14:11
soooooo many memory errors though
Thu at 16:45
I hope one of the prot paladin artifact nodes reduces the risk of client crashes
Thu at 17:52
meh, you'd barely lose dps as a blood dk if your client kept crashing anyway. by the time you log back in, you'll have half your runes back tops
Thu at 18:20
Wonder if they will have a legendary vendor at some point to test these ridiculous items.
Thu at 19:48
blatant rip off of noxious scythe psh nice blizzord
Thu at 20:42 for all you people that love tentacles
Fri at 5:45
getting started on that hoverround early
14 hours ago
lol after the alpha patch i can solo any dungeon on my dh tank.
14 hours ago
Holy Priest look sick in legion.
13 hours ago
Equip: After Spirit of Redemption fades, you have a 100% chance to revive at up to 100% health and mana, based on your effectiveness while in Spirit of Redemption. Cannot trigger more often than once per 2 min.
13 hours ago
Your telling me my favorite spec in the game wont be complete dogshit?
13 hours ago
Hey it looks like it has a good concept now!
13 hours ago
And the artifact traits are pretty cool.
6 hours ago
Well the holy priest cheat death is through a legendary
5 hours ago
deadpool 10/10 go see it
4 hours ago
planning on seeing it with friends next week, we need more good hard R comic book movies
4 hours ago
he chops a guys head off and throws it at another guy
46 mins ago
someone needs to get on alpha and invite my toons to the guild
9 mins ago
I wish we could invite people on every toon not just the ones that are promoted :<
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303 wipes finally resulted in the kill and a satisfying conclusion to WoD.  This tier has come to be one of the most difficult and grueling experiences for me personally, and I'm incredibly thrilled that it's done.  Numerous, never-ending roster issues combined with a lengthy and challenging raid instance has marked Hellfire Citadel as a true accomplishment to overcome.

Great job to the entire raid team for making our top 20 goal a reality.  Raiding with you guys has been a pleasure over the years, and although we've had our ups and downs, we always seem to find a way to endure till the end.  It's easy to overlook the memories and good times that we've created and drown them out with the bad ones instead.  In the end though, raiding in WoW really can be quite amazing and rewarding.  I'm happy to have been a part of it.  Special thanks to Aiurus for putting up with my crap and becoming such an essential key to our success.  We really could not have done it without you.

Onwards to Legion I guess!

Leiden I think sometimes people forget just how hard converting to 20 man was. So many guilds from t16 have died in WoD and Ds...
Balanced WHOS CUTTING LE ONIONS funny reddit meme amirite

Minimemage a Woo! Good job!
Naarius Congrats on the kill, guys

The S&M is Real

Windowsxp posted Aug 10, 15

Gone With the Wind

Windowsxp posted Aug 10, 15


Windowsxp posted Jul 29, 15

Realm Rank 1
Region Rank 16
World Rank 93
Guardian Druid
Protection Warrior
Protection Paladin
Beast Mastery Hunter
Marksmanship Hunter
Survival Hunter
Blood Death Knight
D. Knight
Arcane Mage
Fire Mage
Frost Mage
Affliction Warlock
Demonology Warlock
Destruction Warlock